Cities and airlines in South Africa that offer flights to Asian cities:
Bangkok: Cape Town (SAA, Emirates), Johannesburg (Etihad, Emirates, Thai Airways), Durban (SAA, Emirates, British Airways)

Phuket: Cape Town (Emirates, British Airways, Cathay Pacific), Johannesburg (Etihad, Emirates, Thai Airways), Durban (SAA, Emirates, British Airways)

Singapore: Cape Town (Emirates, British Airways, SAA, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines), Johannesburg (Etihad, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines), Durban (Emirates, British Airways, SAA, Singapore Airlines)

Tokyo: Cape Town (Cathay Pacific, SAA, British Airways, Emirates), Johannesburg (Etihad, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, SAA), Durban (Emirates, SAA, Cathay Pacific)

Beijing: Cape Town (Emirates, British Airways, SAA), Johannesburg (Etihad, Emirates, Cathay Pacific), Durban (Emirates, British Airways, SAA)

Shanghai: Cape Town (Cathay Pacific, SAA, British Airways), Johannesburg (Cathay Pacific, SAA, Thai Airways), Durban (Cathay Pacific, SAA, British Airways)

Hong Kong: Cape Town (British Airways, Turkish Airlines, SAA), Johannesburg (Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Kenya Airlines), Durban (Emirates, British Airways, SAA)

Seoul: Cape Town (Cathay Pacific, SAA, British), Johannesburg (Cathay Pacific, Emirates, SAA), Durban (Cathay Pacific, Emirates, British Airways)

Manila: Cape Town (Cathay Pacific, British Airways, SAA), Johannesburg (Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Emirates), Durban (Cathay Pacific, British Airways, SAA)

Delhi: Cape Town (SAA, Emirates, British Airways), Johannesburg (Etihad, Emirates, SAA), Durban (SAA, British Airways, Emirates)

Osaka: Cape Town (Cathay Pacific, Emirates, British Airways), Johannesburg (Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Egyptair), Durban (Emirates, Cathay Pacifc, British Airways)